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We offer specialized training courses that focus on the use of the world’s leading 3D parametric, associative & feature based modeling software, Pro/Engineer & Unigraphics, in a project oriented environment with emphasis on the design philosophy used in creating parts, drawings & assemblies.

At ICS, a team of young, dedicated and experienced CAD/CAM professionals, working on real-time projects, will guide you through one of the most exciting and project oriented courses in CAD/CAM education in following topics:-

Basic Solid Modeling.
Advanced Solid Modeling.
Advanced Surface Modeling.
Drawing for Designers.
Core/ Cavity Extraction.
NC Tool path generation.
Design of electrodes.


Introduction to latest technologies & CAD/CAM/CAE applications in industry.
Product Development Cycle.
Interface & fundamental concepts.
Creation of Datum Features-Planes, Axes, Points & Co-ordinate system.
Sketcher concepts.
Creation of Basic geometry- protrusion & cuts.
Extrude, Revolve, Sweep & Blend.
Pick & Place features.
Parent/child relationships.
Manipulation of features.
Resolving failures- Suppress, Redefine, Reorder, Reroute.
Copy, pattern, mirror concepts.
Grouping of features & Relations.
Creation of datum curves.
Advanced features for solids.
Tweak options.
General rounds & Drafts.
Surface modeling- Merge, extend, trim.
Basic assembly-constraints, info, modify.
Customization- Map keys, UDF, Family Tables.
Layer functionality.
Model tree & design information.
Analysis, measurement & mass properties.
Drawing fundamentals.
Views, Detailing & Dimensioning.
Cross section, formats & display options.
Extraction of core, cavity & sliders.
Creation of parts in assembly.
Extraction of electrodes for EDM.
Creation of reference drawings for electrodes.
Important aspects of CNC machining-Machining plan & strategy.
CNC machines & cutting tools.
Manufacturing procedure- Mfg. set-up to post processing.
Process planning- Sequence of operation.
Rough milling, semi-finish milling.
Reduction of corners in roughing.
Finish milling by constant Z, parallel plane & flow line methods.
Rest material removal in finishing.