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Addressing the need of the industries to build new designs and enhancements using existing physical models, prototypes and parts, we offer reverse engineering techniques using data from physical components and curve & points data from scanning for developing component 3d models, Rapid Prototypes and inspection of physical models with CAD models.

Scanning can be done using touch probe scanning, laser scanning, faro arm techniques, and CMM. Manual measurement techniques using vernier, micrometer and other measuring instruments can also be employed sometimes in case simple and not so critical parts. Our engineers are well proficient to recommend the best method suited for any part.

Complex surfacing techniques are employed to achieve better of the digital 3d models for part to best confirm the design requirement of the product. A-class surfaces can ensure that the aesthetic of end product meets the highest standards. In case if parts require close tolerance like in mating parts, links or fixtures special care is taken to check dimensional variation.

Furthermore these digital models can be made parametric and associative with design intent captured in them. Any future change can now be easily incorporated in the model avoiding many redesign stages.

Reverse Engineering can be done by following two methods.

With Scanned Data

From point clouds.
Better surface quality allows ease of manufacturing.

Without Scanned Data

By taking only critical profile and measurable dimensions.
Do 80% of the jobs in this way, and save time and money.
Use parametric Pro/Engineer to modify and enhance images.