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Case Study : Injection mould design for handle of a refrigerator


Our client Promoulds is supplier of injection and die-casting molds to many companies in India. They specialize in medium size molds for appliance and consumer industry. This particular mold was meant for Godrej Appliance Ltd. India for one of their many refrigerator models.

Unique requirements

The product to mold is a aesthetic part for the refrigerator which also has recess which forms the handle to open and close the refrigerator. Uniqueness of this product is that it forms undercut on cavity side of the mold. Customer did not want any split line on the component on this region since it was aesthetic part of the component.

Work Methodology

We studied the product design's special requirement. Intelligent mold design had to be contrived. We used the advantage shrinkage factor on the long component. No ejection was given in the core / moving side. The component remains with the cavity and is released automatically when it shrinks and then falls. Parting line was decided after close consultation with our customer- the mold maker and our customer's customer. We used our experience and careful logical analysis to finalize the design and split line

Scope of work

Scope of work involved digital 3d part creation from 2d controlled copy received from the customer. The 3d model was thoroughly checked for deviations, surface quality, and drafts. Mold design was done with complete detailing for all parts as per customer standards. Special care was taken to ensure ease in manufacturing with complete and systematic detailing. Core, cavity, slider were split and extracted. CNC codes as per the tools available were created. We provided each part complete shopfloor level documentation. Electrodes were designed wherever required and we provided the complete CAM support.







Top Main Channel

Value delivered

Special requirements of the end product were satisfactorily met. Previous molds, which were not designed in this manner, caused parting line on the aesthetic surface. But with this new design the aesthetic for the product was enhanced. All future molds for similar parts for Godrej appliances now use the same concept. With timely delivery and support from ICS, promould could meet its delivery schedule also ensuring quality at all levels. This project helped them in acquiring more business from their customers.







Parting line for the part

3d model of Core, Cavity and Slider

Mold layout with detailed view